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Hi All: After trying the wordpress blog this summer, I’ve decided to go back to my previous blog,  I know my current business cards will not reflect that so hopefully people will click on the above link to be transferred there.  Thank you for following my posts and updates.  ~Koren

Business Photo Shoot~Jean Marie Custom Designs

I had so much fun shooting with Angie for her feather extension hair designs business.  She needed new photos for her website and for banners for the upcoming county fair.  I never would have thought about feathers in MY hair but I walked away from the shoot with an extension of my own. 🙂  Check out Angie’s designs at  

Family Photo Shoot~The “O” Family

This was a super fun shoot for me because it was with one my VERY best friends in the entire world and her family.  We met the year before I got married and roomed together while working at the beach, making next to nothing, living on crusts of bread and in a tiny hovel covered in sand from our flip flops. 🙂 But it was a summer neither of us ever forgot and created a lasting friendship that I am SO incredibly thankful for.  It’s been wonderful sharing in each other’s lives as we’ve gotten married, bought homes and had kids.  It’s the type of friendship that picks up right where it left off no matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen that person.  Those are the keepers.



I met Erin, Andy and the two kids at one of their favorite parks on what seemed to be a drippy day but ended up being perfect light for a quick little family shoot.  There were great paths and a bridge for the backdrop which made for some cute family shots.  Too bad baby “taters” wasn’t too into me but…oh well, I will not be deterred by a few tears. 🙂


Quick little photo opp while we had another adult around to snap it for us.  Thanks, Andy! 🙂

Wedding Day~Brittany & Daniel

I’m only posting a few photos here because I posted quite a lot of photos on my Facebook page, but just wanted to share a little from Brittany and Daniel’s wedding, not to mention my very FIRST as a photographer.  It was the first hot day of the summer, so wrangling 11 awesome bridesmaids and 10 well behaved groomsmen made my job easier.  There was normal wedding day blunders, whether it be something with the dress or making it designated places on time, but all in all, I feel that I pulled off my first wedding job well.  I had my second photographer, Jenny Fisk helping me catch the action of the day.  Congratulations you two! What a pleasure!



 (below) Photo by Jenny Fisk

Family Photo Shoot~The “B” Family

I was invited to shoot Heather and her kids as a Father’s Day gift surprise for her husband (great ideas by the way). 🙂  I just followed the kids as they played around the yard.  Her older son wasn’t too keen on having photos done until he saw that I didn’t really make him sit still and pose, then he was totally into it, showing me his lacrosse equipment and talking about the sports he plays.  Little Kendall was a delight with her bright blonde curls, so adorable!

Engagement Shoot~Brittany & Daniel

It was so great to be able to have a session with Brittany and Daniel before their wedding so I could get to know their personalities a bit better before the chaos of wedding day jitters.  We met at one of my favorite spots for their shoot and spent the next two hours laughing and chatting.  They were both so down to earth and just ready to do anything I needed of them.  They had their own great ideas as well, which I love.  The following week I was blessed to photograph their beautiful wedding (and my very FIRST as a photographer)!

Newborn Shoot~Baby Jackson

Ah, Mr. Jackson!  He did NOT want to miss out on anything. 🙂 So funny!  This little guy just would not drop off for mom during our time together (as some kids do).  He was just too interested in everything going on around him, who wants to nap?  But I still enjoyed my time with this new little life and his mommy, Hanna, who’ve I known since she was 18 (I’m feeling old…).  Congratulations on your blessing! What a handsome and wonderful young man he will be!